UNITY3D角色系统插件Character System v5.5
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中文名称:UNITY3D角色系统插件Character System

外文名称:Character System v5.5



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    UNITY3D角色系统插件Character System v5.5
    Character System v5.5是一个通用的两足角色控制器,由统一的Mecanim控制。支持unity3d 5
    The Character System is a universal bipedal character controller, made for Unity's Mecanim. 
    Feel free to watch the 'Feature Video', linked below (Retargeting guide included!)  
    :: Unity 5 ready::
    Features : 
    182 Animations: 
    Anim sets & Controllers?for : 
    Walking, Jogging, Sprinting, Jumping, Sneaking, 
    Balancing, Falling, Wall Running, Climbing, 
    Swimming, Flying, Jumping over objects, 
    Sword Fighting, Rifle Shooting, Bow Shooting, 
    Pistol Shooting, Evading, Punch & Kick Fighting, 
    Pulling, Pushing, Throwing, Dancing and more. 
    Camera Controller : 
    First person 
    Third person 
    Orbit camera 
    Idle Orbit?
    Key Controllers : 
    Weapon switching 
    Double tap evading 
    Climb system 
    Swim & Dive system 
    Fly system 
    Combat combo system 
    Fall & Stand up physics system 
    IK feet alignment 
    IK aiming 
    Assets : 
    Environment Assets CSE
    3 Example scenes 
    Source code in C# 
    Ninja character in 3 LOD stages 
    Weapon set 
    Dummy test character 
    Zipped 3.5x Character System 

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